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I am proud to say that most of my business comes from referrals. Please listen to what some of my clients have said about their experience. ... John Peters

It was the most smooth and pleasant experience to have John as our real estate broker when we bought our house. John was with us from the very beginning till we closed the house at Attorney's office scrutinizing each and every point. His professionalism and attention to minute details is what impressed us the most. Also Johnny never pushed us to make a decision. As a matter of fact, he prevented us from writing a contract for a house, which might have some flooding issues. He showed his extreme professionalism by looking up the flood zone maps and found that the house was too close to it. Another strength John has, is the ability to get the best value for the money. He does his own rough appraisal of the property and gets his way though for the best deal without any inclination for his personal gain. He was very patient with us, answering each and every question in detail, explaining all the financial and house matters that a first time home buyer needs....... Sindhuja and Susil Panda, Charlotte

John Peters was our realtor for our first home purchase. John is honest, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Most importantly he was extremely patient and never rushed us with anything. John enjoys his profession and never tired of showing us houses. He did due diligence for our home, just as he would if he were buying a house for himself. If anyone asks us for a reference to a realtor, John Peters is the only one on our list. .......Mahesh & Suvidha Nair, Charlotte

My name is Bejoy Mathew. I moved to charlotte and was in the process of looking for a good realtor to buy a home. I met and discussed with many realtors of Charlotte and didn't feel comfortable doing business with them, as they were too busy for me and they didn't have the time. Then, I met Mr. John Peters, who impressed me with his charming smile and a very friendly attitude. He was very professional, an expert realtor, a good researcher, and he knows what he is doing. He spent a lot of time taking me around showing me homes. He also explained each pros and cons and guided me with the entire process of Home buying. He stood by me up until I got the keys of my home. He is a person whom you can trust to find you the right home within the limits of your budget. I would recommend Mr. John Peters to anybody who is on the lookout for a home. Remember, "Home is where the heart is" You don't want to make a mistake when choosing it. John will definitely make you a proud and happy Home Owner. If anybody have any questions you can call me at 704-957-2682. John--Keep up the good work and may God use you to bring blessings to the life of others. Best Wishes...... Bejoy Mathew, Charlotte

After having bad experience with a tenant and another property manager I contacted John. John was referred to us by our neighbors, I'm glad they did. John listened to all I had to say and proposed a plan for getting good tenants. Within 2 weeks I had 2 prospective tenants; of course many others were rejected by John even before it was brought to my notice. Finally we have wonderful tenants, no more complaints from neighbors, payments are on time and more over we have peace of mind. I'm confident that John's keen and thorough selection criteria will get you the best tenants. I strongly suggest using Best Home Realty services for your Property management needs. …… Satish and Prathima Reddy, Charlotte/Virginia Beachm,VA

John is the best negotiator! John was my realtor for my first home purchase. John was referred to me by one of my colleague. John negotiated and reduced the price by another $5000.00 from the price that I already agreed to and signed the contract for a new construction home. Buyers be aware, the agents that help you at the sales office of new construction homes are the seller's agents; they look out for seller's interests. You need to go with John to get the best price for new construction homes.  ......Nancy Sutherland, Charlotte

As a first time home buyer, we were a little concerned about the whole buying process. When we hired John as our Buyers Agent, we got an idea of what we were looking for and selected the houses that met our criteria. John’s expertise in this field helped us for choosing the right home. John is a very friendly and  a “non-pushy” person.  We would highly recommend John for anyone looking for a home to buy. We will definitely use John's services for our next real estate transaction. ........... Anil and Bindhu Puthussery, Huntersville


John was introduced to us by one of our friend when we were desperately looking for some advice on our first home purchase that was in the final stages of the transaction. Although John was not our agent for that transaction, John gave us a lot of information that helped us to make the final decision. We were impressed with John's knowledge of real estate market and his willingness to go out of his way to help us. For Job reasons, two years after we bought our first house, we had to move from Charlotte to Wilmington. This time, we decided to use John’s service and contacted him for selling our home or managing it as a rental property.  John suggested that we let him manage the house as a rental property. It has turned out to be the best investment advice we ever received. Our confidence and trust in John has grown so much over the last few years that we recently bought a second house in Charlotte on his advice. At present, John is managing both our properties in Charlotte and we are extremely satisfied with the services from John and his team. We will look to none else but to John when we buy my next house. ...........Hari and Shalini Tejsingh, Charlotte/Wilmington, NC


John was our realtor for our first home purchase. John was with us through out the process and negotiated an excellent price for us. We are very satisfied with John's service and will use John again for our next home purchase.  ..... Benny and Lizy Sebastian, Charlotte

We relocated to this city not knowing anyone, and with the plans of buying a house within 6 months. By word of mouth we found out quickly that John Peters was the best person to use as a buyer's agent. He did more than "help" us buying a house. Not only did he have the patience to take us to see about 30 or so houses, but he also helped us close a sale by reducing the purchase price of the house more than we expected. He did an absolutely marvelous job on all counts. He treats us more as a friend than a customer. I would definitely do business with him again without a doubt. I have had the privilege of referring him to my friends who also have had excellent experiences with him. Take my word for it...he's the best realtor there is in Charlotte that will leave you more than satisfied. Good luck with your house hunt!   ....... Jim and Leena Zachariah, Charlotte

John, you have made our first time home buying experience very pleasant and satisfying.

When we were new to North Carolina, the home buying process was very intimidating for us. Your friendly and professional approach made it easy for us get thorough the process smoothly. We really appreciate your help in every step of the way, especially in identifying the location and the home suitable for our need, negotiating the price and assisting with closing.  We will be very happy to call on you in future for our real estate needs and recommend you to our friends and colleagues. ......Suresh, Anitha & Neha Vennekkat, Charlotte


Our rental property was managed by another leasing company in charlotte. After the previous tenant left, it was vacant for over three months and with no luck in finding a new tenant. We were getting very desperate when we approached John for his help. John looked at the whole situation and came up with a plan. Amazing, our property was rented out in two weeks on a two year lease and we are getting more money now than we were getting through the other company. Also, John was the real estate agent for our last two home purchases and we are extremely happy with John's service. We will definitely use John's service for our next home purchase.  ....... Jose, Leela and Jackie Kurian. Charlotte

Best Home Realty’s staff is very professional, informative and responsive.  My homes were leased within one month!  My checks are in the mail in a timely manner and they follow up periodically to make sure I am still satisfied with their service!  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Best Home Realty. Thank You Best Home Realty.                            Beverly Pond, Charlotte/Duluth, GA

Attempting to rent our home in Charlotte, while living in Texas, turned into a pretty traumatic experience.  Trying to ascertain prospective tenants’ credit, never getting to personally interview them and trying to resolve lease issues over the phone and through the mail made it a real nightmare.  Neither one of us had family or friends that could attend to the issues of owning a rental property for us.  After researching the options and speaking to quite a few property managers in the area, we chose John Peters to manage the property.  John seemed extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and eager to get the house rented- which was our main concern.  With John on the job, the house was quickly rented to excellent tenants.  Since then, we have received rent every month on time (which did not always happen before) and John has been very diligent in helping us resolve any maintenance issues.  We are extremely pleased that we chose him as our property manager and will remain with him for as long as we have the house............ Christian & Christy Harshberger, Corpus Christi, Texas

We purchased two homes in Charlotte, NC and we live in Clinton, Maryland.  We knew how difficult it would be for us to find tenants and manage the properties long distance.  We needed someone that we could trust and depend on to get the job done.  Well, John Peters is that man.  He is definitely a “get the job done” person.  John is truly a blessing to us.  John is professional, reliable and honest.  John is an expert in his field and his knowledge is indispensable.  He has saved us a great deal of time and money.  He has also saved us from the many headaches that I’m sure we would have had without him.  John worked diligently to find us good tenants quickly.  John is very detailed-oriented and does not leave any rock unturned.  John kept us in the loop every step of the way.  He communicated with us throughout the entire process.  We never had to wonder what was going on.  He responded to any questions we had immediately.  He treats our properties as if they were his own.  We are extremely grateful to John and we appreciate all that he does.  There is no one better to trust with your real estate needs than John Peters……Craig & Crystal Buffington, Clinton, Maryland

We purchased a rental home in Huntersville, NC towards the end of 2005. We initially hired one of the largest property management companies in the area to manage our property. To our surprise we had an extremely hard time reaching anyone at the management company or getting any updates on the marketing of our property. After about a month of this we decided to go a different direction and decided to go with BestHome Realty Services for the property management services. We have to say that we were extremely pleased with the professionalism of Best Home Realty Services, and we truly felt that they gave their best effort and were able to find a tenant for our home very quickly. They kept us up to date on any changes and any prospective tenants and we always felt like we were  in good hands.  We would certainly recommend their services to anyone. Also, for our next investment home purchase in Charlotte, we will be using BestHome Realty Services as our buyers agent.
.....Jeff and Doris Parker, Dumfries, VA

In December 2005 I was considering buying a house in Charlotte N.C. and that was the first time John Peters and I communicated. During the month of January 2006 we discussed everything concerning Charlotte real estate. He was patient and professional and very detailed oriented. I remember on a couple of occasions I thought the property I was interested in was a good match for me but John explained the pros and cons and pointed out to me why that property was not a good buy. During the next several weeks John and I stayed in contact and he continued to educate me about Charlotte real estate. Shortly thereafter he contacted me and said he thought he had found the property that met all of my requirements. He sent me the MLS information and I agreed it seemed to be what I was looking for. John represented me as a buyer’s agent. He negotiated a great price even slightly below an already very good sales price. Since I am an out of state buyer he ensured my home inspection and appraisal was taken care of prior to my settlement date. I am happy to say that  BestHome Realty Services is my property management company and I am extremely satisfied with John's property management services.  John and I are looking for another home for me to buy and I have no doubt that this experience will be as satisfying as the first one. If you are looking to buy/sell real estate in Charlotte and surrounding areas or wants a property management company, I am thrilled to recommend BestHome Realty Services for your services and I am sure you will be happy as I am.   ........Ronald Robinson, Fredrick, MD